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Thank you for reading our blog. We hope to give you some great Everyday ideas on recipes, meal planning and entertaining the simple way. We know how busy your life is with kids, activities, careers, husbands etc. because we are all there with you, running around trying to get it ALL done. Enjoy!

My name is Ellen and I'm the youngest of my 3 sisters. I am an identical twin with Nanci but still the youngest.....well by 3 minutes. I am married to my husband Adam for the past 19 years and I have 3 children, Annie 16, Charlotte 12 and Leo 9. I work part time for a Shark Tank company called Biaggi.  My family and I just recently moved from the East Coast to Southern, California and we are loving it here!  In my spare time (yeah right, like any of my time is spare) I love to scrapbook, cook, knit and do pretty much anything creative.

Nanci is my twin sister. She is a single Mom of 2 children, Jack 20 and Carly 17. Nanci works full time as the Director of Marketing and Admissions for a Skilled Nursing Facility in Brooklyn.  Nanci and I share the same interests.  It's hard being so far away from each other but we call and FaceTime at least once a day.  Who I am kidding at least 10 x a day! LOL

Karen is also married to an Adam (different person though) for the past 24 years and has two children, Rebecca 20 and Benjamin 16. Karen works full time for Bed Bath and Beyond as a Vice President of either the Bed, Bath or the Beyond....not sure :) Karen is the organizer of our group. She keeps us all in line and helps us to remember our "jobs" who does what holiday, whose cooking what for our family dinners etc.

Susan is the oldest sister. She has been married to her husband Ken for 30 years and she has 3 children, Ariel 25, Rachel 24 and Aaron 19. Susan is a Stay at Home Mom  She has a real passion for cooking and entertaining. Susan's family is also Kosher so we get a different perspective on meal planning when we eat/cook with her family.