Monday, April 18, 2011

Guest Blogger Mondays....Homemade Horseradish by Marni

GUEST BLOGGER of the week 

About Marni: I am married and a stay at home mom.  My daughter Grace is 8 yrs old.  I love to cook and entertain.  I am also an avid scrapbooker.  I have friends over to scrapbook all the time and always make my own appetizers and snacks for my guests.  I love to try new recipes and get new ideas for holiday cooking. 

Homemade Horseradish

I was just married and hosting my first Passover Sedar.  I wanted to make my grandparents proud.  So what was a good little Jewish girl to do?  So, I decided to make homemade horseradish.  Oye!  What was I thinking?! Well, I have to say it went over very well, and I think I made them proud!  :).  Now I am happy to say I have started a new tradition and I am really looking forward to passing it down to my Gracie girl!
Good luck and Happy Passover!
I make enough for the year.  It goes  well in bbq sauce and when making your own shrimp cocktail sauce too. :)

PS If you have a sinus problem well, you will be cleared for that day!  :)

Advisory:  When making, be near a open window! 


2 cups peeled and cubed Fresh horseradish root
1 1/2 cups of white vinegar
2 tablespoons of sugar
dash of salt
dash of white pepper

Put cubed horseradish chunks in the food processor (shredding disc) and shred.
Then after shredded, use the steel blade and pulse until you get the consistency you like.
Remove the horseradish into a bowl then add vinegar and S/P.  Jar and refrigerate.

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