Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cups

Happy Labor Day
I saw this super simple "recipe" on an episode of the Pioneer Woman.  My son begged me to make them.  Really so simple, just 3 ingredients and what could be yummier than ice cream and Oreos? Great little treat to keep in the fridge for the kids.  You can find the original recipe here.

2 pints of vanilla ice-cream, slightly softened
1 package of Oreo cookies
2 tablespoons butter, melted

In a food processor pulse 15 Oreo cookies until they are small crumbs. Add melted butter to cookies crumbs and mix until combined.  Press a tablespoon of the cookie mixture into the bottom of each muffin tin and press up the side.  Freeze until set, about 15 minutes.  Meanwhile take 8-10 more Oreos and put in food processor and pulse into crumbs.  Put softened vanilla ice-cream in a large bowl and add cookie crumbs and mix to combine.  Spoon ice-cream mixture into each muffin cup on top of cookie crumb crust.  Top with some extra crushed Oreos and place muffin tin in the freezer overnight to set.  I used a silicone muffin tin which made it very easy to pop out each ice cream cup.  Pop out cups and store in a ziploc bag in the freezer.


  1. These would be great summer treats. Thanks for sharing the idea with us.


    1. My kids are begging me to make them again. They really are so good!


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