Monday, October 31, 2011

The Secret Recipe Club - Crispy Eggplant, Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

We are so excited because this is our first month joining the Secret Recipe Club.  This is how it works.  A large group of blogs are assigned another blog in which they need to make a recipe from.  It's a secret! We can't tell anyone whose blog we have been assigned.  Once we choose a recipe we re-create it and then all the blogs post their recipes on the same day. We then get to see who had our blog and see what recipe from our blog they decided to make.  It's a great way to get to know new foodie friends!  This month we were assigned to JBean Cuisine.  I loved all of her delicious recipes and her use of spices that most people don't use very often.  A South East Asian Cuisine theme runs throughout her blog which was exciting since I absolutely LOVE Indian and Thai spices and flavors.  Although funny enough I chose a recipe that was very simple and straight forward because I knew my husband would love it and also I thought it would take a really pretty picture.  There's nothing wrong with wanting a pretty picture to display is there?  Here is The Perfect Stack......Delicious cripsy eggplant, tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil. YUM!

The Perfect Stack:
Crispy Eggplant, Tomato and Mozzarella Salad


1/2 small eggplant
1 clove of garlic, peeled and sliced in half
1/4 cup flour
salt and pepper to taste
2 – 3 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 medium tomato, sliced into 1/4 inch slices (or however thick you like)
3 slices of mozzarella, about 1/4 of a ball, sliced into desired thickness
3 small leaves of basil
2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar reduction
1 teaspoon olive oil (optional)

TIP:  To make the balsamic reduction, simply heat 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar in a small saucepan over medium-low heat.  Allow the vinegar to reduce by half, or until it coats the back of a spoon **


For the Eggplant:
Slice eggplant into 1/2 inch slices.  Rub both sides of the eggplant slices with garlic cloves (switch garlic halves about half-way through).
Sprinkle both sides of the eggplant with salt and pepper.
Place flour in a shallow bowl. One by one, place each piece of eggplant into the flour, press down lightly to coat the eggplant evenly.  Tap lightly to remove extra flour.
Heat a large frying pan (or sauté pan) over medium-high heat.  Add the oil and heat until glistening.
Add the eggplant slices and pan-fry for 2-3 minutes per side.  Keep careful watch as not to burn them.  If they brown too quickly, lower the heat.
Flip each slice over and cook the other side, until nice and crisp (and golden brown).
Remove from frying pan and place on paper towel to drain off excess oil.

To Assemble the Salad:
Place a piece of the fried eggplant on your plate, top with a slice of tomato, then 1 slice of mozzarella and top that with 1 leaf of basil.  Repeat the layers until all ingredients are used up.
Drizzle the salad with the balsamic vinegar and 1 TBSP of olive oil (if desired).


  1. Welcome to the club! Your picture is gorgeous! I love eggplant stacks but my husband doesn't, so I don't get them very often. Your picture reminded me how much I enjoy them.

  2. I'm not a club member, but happened on your blog by chance. After reading through the recipe you are featuring today, I spent some time browsing through your earlier posts. You've created a great spot for your readers to visit and I really enjoyed the time I spent here. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Maryn

  3. Hi, Dropping by from the SRC. Your picture turned out really good. I've never tried eggplant before, but your picture makes me want to try it now. Browsed through your blog a bit and loved it, I'm a follower now.

  4. Welcome to the club and gorgeous job your eggplant stacks look amazing!

    If you haven't already, I'd love for you to check out my Group 'A' & 'C' SRC recipes this month: Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies and Thin Mint Irish Coffee.

    Cook Lisa Cook

  5. Your pretty picture is certainly stunning so good call on the recipe choice. This recipe certainly does look delicious. Thanks for stopping by my blog...yours is so much fun to peruse! Love the picture of the four of you (sisters)...really beautiful.

  6. yum! this looks like it would be a great appetizer for a summer dinner party.

  7. mmm that looks so refreshing!!

    Great Recipe for Group D's Reveal Day for Secret Recipe Club!

  8. I love the addition of the eggplant. My mouth is watering right now! :) Great pick.

  9. Amazing picture! You chose probably one of my favourite recipes, I ate this consistently for weeks this summer!

    SRC is so much fun, and I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. Can't wait to see what next month brings!

  10. Your food looks delicious! I can't wait to see what you make next month.

  11. This does look like theeeee perfect snack. Or lunch, or dinner. In fact, I'm making it today, for lunch!

  12. Wow this looks absolutely delicious, what a great choice for SRC! Love your blog, so glad to be a new follower! xoxo

  13. Your gorgeous photo got my attention on the blog hop -- welcome to SRC -- I made a moussaka pizza with fried eggplant the other night, and it was insanely good! Theresa


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